Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Inuit Poem

At the end of the movie NEVER CRY WOLF, there is a poem. It touched me in a powerful way I can not put into words. It is an Inuit poem who's author is unknown. It is a good one to contemplate.

I think over again my small adventures,
My fears,
Those small ones that seemed so big,
For all the vital things
I had to get and to reach;
And yet there is only one great thing,
The only thing,
To live to see the great day that dawns
And the light that fills the world.

Anonymous (Inuit, 19th century)


Ron said...

I agree. That is an icredible poem, one that I have referred to many times and shared with many people. Thanks for posting it.


J+P said...

Agreed—that poem has stayed with me over the years. A friend recently avoided death by (according to his doctors) succumbing to coma, from which they drew him slowly, like a tender string. I sent him these few lines & he memorized them. He says he knows from experience, now, what the words mean.

Ecommerce Diary said...

Here's a scene from True Blood, where one of the characters, Lafayette actually recited this poem. It's beautifully said by him:

Bronia said...

Goosebumps! I will share this with my students studying indigenous literature.

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Unknown said...

I remember this from the movie "Never Cry Wolf," where this poem is displayed on the screen at the end of the movie. beautiful. wisdom.

Rocket Man said...

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