Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Animal Communication and Egotism

Animals are beautiful, fascinating, charismatic and present in their own bodies and their own lives in ways we can not help but aspire to.  I am of the opinion that they do choose to communicate directly with us sometimes, whether through thought-feelings, imagery, body postures, sounds, eye contact, smells and other forms.

In some spiritually oriented communities, some believe that animals are always trying to communicate to us on matters of deep, spiritual significance.  This might bear some truth, and yet, it is also a potential food for self-importance.

To assume that whenever an animal is getting your attention that is must be bearing some deep, profoundly personal spiritual revelation is a bit narcissistic.   After all, that animal may be trying to tell you to move away from its nest, leave its young or otherwise simply leave it the hell alone! You could say that in itself is a pretty profound spiritual lesson.  Perhaps, not the grandiose one hoped for my some naive spiritual seekers, but none-the-less profound if seen clearly for it is.  We are, after all, not the most important creatures in the landscape.  We are just one, and our work is to learn to move with respect and understanding.  At least that is what I care to believe and how I tend to orient my life.

There is much that can be said about how the universe is communicating to us constantly.  Whether through our senses, emotions, and bodily feelings.  But, to have an inkling of this communication we must first be profoundly self-aware, and profoundly aware of the world around us.  To really glean significance from the world around you, you must know that world.  You must study it closely, and thoroughly so that you know what you are looking at and what is going on.

When it comes to animals, you must know their habits, their natural history, their cycles during the day, the season, the year and beyond.  Otherwise, misunderstanding can easily arise.

Stop for a moment and appreciate the simply profound fact that such cross-species communication is possible.  If you take a walk down that mental path, you can't help but appreciate the profound spiritual implications of unity and harmony found there. Whether you believe or have experienced the more telepathic types of communication or not, you can't deny that just through your 5 sense you can glean a wealth of information from other species.

The mear presence of an animal may help us feel more deeply connected, stirred on a primal level, and sometimes stopped in our tracks (physically and mentally).  The flight of a bird can uplift us and give us perspective. The songs of frogs and birds can help calm and ground us. The howl of a wolf can strike a cord so deep in us that it cuts through thousands of years of "civilization."  For some, that kind of instant bodily realization chills some, while it thrills others.

And then, there is a deeper level of speaking which requires from us, a deeper level of listening...

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