Sunday, December 6, 2009

A beautiful quote from a series of documentaries called THE NATIONAL PARKS: AMERICAS BEST IDEA. The series is so powerful, it moved me to tears on several occasions. And, that's saying a lot since I have only watched 2 out of the 6 parts... :)

As long as I live, I'll hear the birds, and the winds, and the waterfalls sing. I'll interpret the rocks, and learn the language of flood and storm and avalanche. I'll make the acquittance of the wild gardens and glaciers, and get as near to the heart of this world as I could.

And so I did. I sauntered about from rock to rock, from grove to grove, from stream to stream. Whenever I met a new plant I would sit by it for a minute, or a day. To make its acquittance, hear what it had to tell. I asked the boulders where they had been and wittered they were going. When night found me, there I camped. I took no more heed to save time or to make haste, then did the trees or the stars. This is true freedom. A good, practical sort of immortality.

- John Muir

From AWCP OR Dunes 2009


Curt said...

I just learned that our local library has THE NATIONAL PARKS: AMERICAS BEST IDEA on their shelf. We're going to start watching it soon. Of course now I'll be looking for the Muir quote. Thank you for sharing it.

Filip T. said...

Your welcome! I think you will really enjoy the 6 part series. My favorite parts of the series were I and VI, the beginning and the end.