Monday, May 12, 2008

Dreaming our world

I came upon a blog written by a friend of mine, and it inspired me to write and share about the many books, authors, speakers, visionaries and ideas that inspired and continue to inspire me.

Here is his blog, if you are curious:

My intent on this blog is to share freely and encourage ideas and practices in the world, that I believe will help us to heal ourselves and our relationship to Nature.

It is my belief that we dream our world into being, along with all other forms of life around us. We can choose to do that consciously or not, but we are engaged in it all the time. It is my hope that this blog, in some small way, encourages others to dream more consciously and take responsibility for their part in the web that we all weave.

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Curt said...

It really feels good to read that my blog inspired you to start this blog. Now I really wish that I would have put more effort into it. Hopefully I will be able to after the house is done.